Legacy Video
Interview Questions

We asked several young adults who lost a parent when they were young what they would ask that parent if they had the chance. This is a compilation of the specific questions they gave us.

Use your Legacy Video worksheet to highlight specific questions and topics you would like to cover.

Your video will be a priceless treasure for your family!

My Childhood

• What was it like growing up in your family? What was your relationship with your mom like? What was she like? What was my grandfather like? What was your relationship with him like? Favorite memories of them while you were growing up?
• Of all the things you learned from your parents, which do you feel was the most valuable?
• What is your birth story?
• What are your most vivid memories of your brothers and sisters?
• What are some funny stories of you growing up?
• What is your favorite Christmas memory as a child and why?
• What was your favorite Christmas gift and why?
• What is your favorite/most impressionable childhood memory?
• Who were your childhood heroes?
• Who was your first best friend?
• Where, when, and with who was your first kiss?
• What was a typical Friday night for you and your friends in your teenage years and 20s?
• What would you tell your 20-year-old self today?
• What was the most important thing you learned at 10, 15, 20, and 30?

School Years

• What was your favorite subject in school?
• What activities did you enjoy? Sports? Music?
• What did you want to be when you grew up?
• What was your favorite class in high school and/or college?
• Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Post High School and Professional Career

• What was your first job? How long did you work there?
• What kind of work/jobs did you do in life?
• What did you do after high school?
• What did you like best doing? What did you not like doing as a job?
• What does your typical day look like (before the illness)?
• What career other than your own would you like to try?
• What career would you never like to try?
• Explain your career path. How did you end up in your most recent position?


• How I met your mother/father?
• What made you fall in love with my mother/father?
• What is your favorite memory with my mom/dad?
• What was your husband/wife like during the dating and marriage years?
• Do you remember the day you knew you were in love with my mom/dad?
• How did you know you were in love?
• What memory stands out the most from your wedding day?
• Do you have any marriage/relationships advice?
• When choosing the person to spend your life with, what would you say are the most important things to consider?


• What are your favorite memories of your children?
• What do you want your children to know about life and how to live it?
• What do you admire most about each of your children and/or spouse?
• Describe a special time or memory specific to each child.
• How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a parent?
• Scariest memory of being a new parent? Happiest memory of being a new parent?
• Tell each child’s birth story.
• What is your favorite Christmas memory as a mom/dad?
• What were your children like as youngsters?
• What are your children good at? What careers would they be good at?
• What are your family values?
• What is your vision for each of your children?
• What is what you to remember about me?
• My hope for each of my children and/or spouse.

Questions Directly From Your Child

• What was I like as a baby/toddler?
• What was my favorite outfit to wear?
• What are three of your hopes for me?
• What would you say was my favorite food?
• What memory of me, around the holidays, stands out to you most?
• What made me different than other kids?
• What shows/cartoon characters interested me the most?
• What did I want to be when I grew up?
• What would you say I have the proper skills to do well when I grow up?
• What is one of the funniest things I said?
• What did I want to wear to bed?
• What was one of my favorite toys growing up?
• What home projects or craft did we work on that you remember?
• What are my favorite things to do?
• What music did I love to sing or listen to? What music do you love to sing or listen to?
• What was my first word?
• What was my favorite book you read to me to get me to sleep?
• What were my favorite Christmas presents over the years?
• What other names were you considering for me?
• Describe a time that I really surprised you.

Personal Questions About You

• What people inspired you in life?
• If you had to get rid of all possessions except three, what would you keep?
• If you had a free Saturday (no restrictions) what would you do?
• Can you express a little about your personality?
• What are your favorite hobbies?
• Do you have a favorite bible story?
• Why did you choose to live in the places you have lived?
• Can you tell me some about your relatives and heritage?
• What is your favorite color and why?
• What is your favorite song and why?
• What is your favorite food and why?
• What is your favorite recipe that you have cooked for your family?
• What is your favorite flower and why?
• What’s your favorite dish to order at a restaurant?
• What’s your favorite piece of clothing or outfit?
• What store do you love to shop in? What store do I love to shop in?
• What is your favorite movie?
• What is your favorite TV show?
• Who do you consider your best friends?
• Do you have a favorite place to go in the summer?
• Do you have a favorite outdoor activity?
• What is your favorite board game?
• Where is your favorite place on Earth?
• What would you do if you had all the money in the world?
• Who is your best friend and why?
• Where have you traveled in the world? What place did you like the best?
• Where are your favorite memories of life?
• What is something not many people know about you?
• Have you ever lost a friend?
• What is something you haven’t yet done, but wish you could?
• What’s one book you have read that had an impact on you?
• What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
• What do you treasure most in life?
• What quote or verse do you like best and why? What quote or verse do you think best describes you, your life, or your outlook on life?