Get Outside and Breathe

Contributing Writer: Lisa Duscio, Team Inheritance of Hope Coordinator

The next component of the healthy self-care wheel we introduced in Part I is to get outside and breathe. Getting outside allows for your body to produce vitamin D from the sunshine hitting your skin. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system which fights and prevents disease.

When you're outside, you also get the benefits of breathing in fresh air.

When blood is oxygenated, it helps to detoxify your body. Many toxins are eliminated from your body through your lungs. Fresh air is a great source of pure oxygen. Other benefits of fresh air include faster healing, strengthened immune system, and increased energy and brain activity.

“Using breathing techniques can ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, sleep problems, blood pressure, and COPD,” Dr. Josh Axe tells us. While you are outside, take time to inhale, hold in, and then slowly release air. Do this deep breathing exercise throughout the day. It will help to release toxins and increase your lung capacity.

Action Item

Set the alarm on your phone for three different times throughout the day to remind you to do a breathing exercise outdoors. Be consistent, and you will enjoy results of increased lung capacity and toxin removal. Be sure to do this outside so you get the purest air and some sunshine while you're at it. Sounds like a win-win!
My Story

At least three times a day, I go outside to do this exercise. I take a long deep breath through my nose, imagining the air traveling all the way down to my lower abdomen. I hold the air for a quick count of 20 seconds and then release through my mouth over the duration of a quick 10-second count. I repeat this three times. 

As we breathe in the gift of life, let's pour out our praise to the Giver of Life!