Finding Hope for Single Parent and Blended Families

Contributor: Chip Ingram, a pastor, author, coach, and teacher for more than twenty-five years, now leads Living on the Edge.

Blended families - if you’re in one, you know how hard “blending” can be. Join Chip as he shares, from first hand experience some of the pitfalls to avoid, how to hang in when you feel like you may have made a mistake, and the great joy that can come as the reward for your faithfulness and perseverance.

Is there hope for single parents and blended families to experience true joy and peace - to find rest and strength in the midst of the journey? In this session, Chip is joined by his wife Theresa to share her story of single parenthood and how God carried her through that difficult time in her life. Whether you’re a single parent, a blended family, or just someone looking for a little encouragement, you’ll want to listen to this hope-filled message.
This message is part of a larger collection of resources by Chip Ingram called Living on the Edge. Chip has generously shared these resources with us at no cost. Enjoy tuning into his wisdom!