Yoga, Wholesome Meals, and Chocolate too 

Contributing Writer: Audra Milligan, Inheritance of Hope Strategic Initiatives Director

There are periods in your life when your typical set of coping skills will not be enough. Perhaps you developed them during adversity in college, as an athlete, or even as a child. Like taste buds and allergies develop over time, the skills you use to cope may need to as well. 

Below are some suggestions for coping that work well for most. If you have found some of your old methods for finding balance are not working, try some new things. See what works best for you to release, find peace of mind, and recharge. Take note of what works for you, even when it’s unexpected, and keep a mental list going. When you’re losing your way a bit, pause as soon as you are able to and quickly refer to one of your go to remedies. It’s ok if eating chocolate is on that list. 

There are healthy ways to cope. Take a moment to look at the statements below, which describe some healthy situations and ways of coping. They will give you an idea of how well you are holding up, and maybe some thoughts about where you need to make a few changes to take better care of yourself. The more of these statements you can agree with, the better. If you do not already have or do all of these, look at ways you can start working toward those that appeal to you. They can help you expand and strengthen your coping skills.
It can be hard to find the time to do all these things, but they can help a lot in keeping some balance in your life during this very stressful time. If your schedule is too crowded, ask for help (source:

These things are not selfish. They are what will keep you going strong to do well the things that you need and want to do for others.