Talking to Your Children about Popping Balloons

Contributing Writer: Eric Miller, Inheritance of Hope Marketing & Communications Director

Should I tell my children? Naturally, as parents we want to protect our children from pain and fear, particularly that which is caused by knowing that mom or dad is dying. Obviously, age plays a role in how and when a child is informed, but taking action in the early stages of a diagnosis can make a profound difference in a child’s future.

Listen to this guidance from one of our Inheritance of Hope counselors:
Talking about terminal illness with your children

Inheritance of Hope Counselor, Meg Hill, LPC, discusses effective ways to keep your child informed.
Ultimately, you want your children to know how much you love them. Here are some ways to show them and continue to show them after death. 

We are sharing with you one of our most important resources, a workbook designed to help you tell your unique story to your loved ones, your children and also your spouse. Start working on this now and continue to build on it over time.  
We hope you found these resources on talking to your children helpful. If you are interested in a hands-on project to give to your children, find some of our ideas below.
Inheritance of Hope’s Legacy Collection includes ideas for crafts, projects, and other unique collections that you can gift to those you love. You can find the complete collection in our library.

  • How can I share music with my children?
    • Record yourself singing favorite songs to or with your children. They will be able replay these songs and remember singing them with you.

  • How can I collect meaningful heirlooms today that I can share in the future?
    • Collect the children’s items that are precious from your child’s baby days, family heirlooms, and anything else you would like preserved for your child. A cedar chest is a simple and safe place for these things until your child is old enough to care for them.