Hallelujah Juicing 

Contributing Writer: Lisa Duscio, Team Inheritance of Hope Coordinator

A popular way to provide huge amounts of easily available nutrition to our cells is through freshly extracted vegetable juices. Many recommended therapies to battle chronic illnesses promote juicing, including my two favorites:  
Many people wonder why fiber should be removed from the plants being juiced. Isn’t fiber healthy and necessary? The theory behind juicing is that the liquid nutrition does not have to be broken down and dispersed to your cells by your small intestine, and therefore is more available. Most people battling a chronic illness have weakened digestive systems or sick intestines that make them unable to get adequate nutrition to their cells. More nutrition will be available for the cells when drinking freshly extracted juice and this, in turn, will help strengthen the immune system to fight disease and restore balance. 

Do you have a situation that might be helped by juicing? Check out this webpage to help you decide.


I started juicing in 2001 during conventional treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. I continued to juice for 13 years, which I believe kept the cancer at bay. After two years of not juicing and elevated stress, the cancer again reared its ugly head. I resumed juicing in January 2017, and it is a part of my alternative self-care regimen to fight stage 4 breast cancer.