Death is Inevitable, Play Hard

Contributing Writer: Eric Miller, Inheritance of Hope Marketing & Communications Director

It sounds harsh, but it’s the reality. None of us will live forever. While it’s Inheritance of Hope’s mission to uniquely serve families facing the loss of a parent due to terminal illness, we believe intentionality is relevant to all people. Sick or not, it’s a societal issue.

Shouldn’t we all be preparing for death by living with purpose? Remove the terminally ill verbiage in this library, and our advice is still relevant.

We need to be effective communicators.

We need to let our children know how much we love them through actions and words.

We need to be great listeners.

We need to foster authentic relationships in our communities.

We need to make memories and be present with our loved ones.

We need to be intentional about our legacy.
And the list goes on all toward a great gift. A gift that will create a lasting legacy. A gift that will allow your children and family to thrive after death comes.