Balancing Your Exploits 

Contributing Writer: Lisa Duscio, Team Inheritance of Hope Coordinator

Be intentional with your health choices.

The image below reflects the six critical components of healthy self-care. Let’s call them exploits [a bold or daring feat]. When each exploit has a healthy balance in itself and is balanced with the other exploits, there is an appearance of a perfectly rounded wheel. This wheel would run smoothly down a road.
When we look at the image below, we see here most of the exploits have a deficiency and even may overlap another exploit. This would make for a very bumpy ride. You probably wouldn’t get too far!
In this series and in the next, you are going to be challenged to get balanced, whatever that means for you individually. We will talk about popular options for each exploit. Remember, you are the coach, and you are calling the shots.

Our goal is to have a round wheel well-suited for a long, satisfying journey.


Draw a circle with six pie pieces and use the exploit labels listed in the images above. For each pie piece, estimate how successfully balanced you are. For example, if you feel you are struggling with nutrition and are probably doing 50% of what you want, draw a line that would mark 50% of the pie piece. If you are trusting God 100%, that pie piece would be fully intact.  Go through each pie piece. Do you have a well balanced wheel that can make for a long, satisfying journey? Can you identify the areas that need attention?


I have spent unbalanced proportions of time stressing over proper nutrition at the expense of trusting God or having laughter and joy. My inclination was to worry, making things harder and more complex than they really were! If it wasn’t painful and extreme, it wouldn’t be enough...and if it was painful and extreme, it still might not be enough!

Stress, or distress, makes our body more acidic than a junky diet! This is why it’s so important to trust God and enjoy each day.